Super Affiliate Machine Review – New Product From Devin Zander

The much anticipated launch of Super Affiliate Machine has arrived.

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Lets Cover The Basics – What is This Product?

Super Affiliate Machine is officially a software that simplifies the the entire process of building websites, finding SEO keywords, adding content to that website, and then monetizing that content thru affiliate advertising. The software claims to be push button simple that takes just a controller managing the process.

Lets break down exactly what this software will do:

1). Automatically help you select the best affiliate products (affiliate products are products that you will receive a commission for selling)

2). Automatically help you select the best keywords to rank in Google to drive website traffic (you need this website traffic to then buy your affiliate products and you get the commission for the sale!)

3). Automatically help you build a gorgeous website (no coding or nerdy expertise required)

4). Makes it easy for you to source unique and high quality articles for your website

5). Automatically builds links to your website to rank it in search engines

6). Once your website is ranking and traffic starts coming in,  you start profiting from those website visitors clicking on your affiliate ads (and purchasing a product).

Super Affiliate Machine Review

How Much Can you Realistically Expect To Make With Super Affiliate Machine?

Product creators Devin Zander and Austin E. Anthony hired the top SEO software develop to build Super Affiliate Machine a.ka. SAM. They are guaranteeing that with their training and with you taking action, that you will be able to generate between $500 and $2000 a month using SAM consistently. This seems like a realistic number. With ample testing this is the range that beta testers are currently making.

My prediction is that people who carefully follow their instructions will realistically make something in this range.

However, the value that Super Affiliate Machine has to offer, far outweighs the $47 price tag. I will explain in the next paragraph.

The Hidden Value of Super Affiliate Machine = Building a Private Blog Network

SAM is going to help you make some solid cash thru affiliate marketing. However nobody has considered or mentioned the fact that the push button- mini wordpress websites that you build with SAM will also act as a jump start to your very own Private Blog Network.

You see as your build out these mini websites, the SAM software is going to help you rank them at the top of search engines for your affiliate product related keywords. SAM actually helps you build links to these sites to rank them in Google. As the software builds links and as you rank you will naturally receive search engine traffic. As you receive traffic you will receive natural links as well and because of the traffic your website authority goes up. You see Google loves real traffic, a high click thru rate, and visitor engagement on your website. Super Affiliate Machine is going to give you all of this. The result will be that these mini SAM websites will become increasingly powerful sites.

As with any powerful site that you own, you now have the ability to build links from these sites to rank other website properties such as client website or your own website. Thus these SAM sites actually serve a dual purpose of acting as your own private blog network.

Now tell me that isn’t worth $47? It most definitely is!!

SAM Websites Will Become Your Very Own Mini Blog Network

Per my super affiliate machine review, as a beginner to intermediate SEO you must have your own private blog network. A PBN is necessary to rank websites in more competitive niches and to power up your social media sites to pass along more authority and trust flow to your local client SEO sites.

You can harness the mini SAM sites you build to power up additional client sites and your own website. Even better if you already have a PBN you can send some PBN links to your SAM sites to help them become even more powerful!

This is a killer deal and a software you can’t afford to pass up on!

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